09 September 2008

For a Family Member

I wasn't going to post this card due to the nature of its intentions. This card was made for my aunt who is not doing so well fighting cancer. My mother wants to send it to her. She picked the colors, stamp set and wording. I put it together and belive it or not, this was a challenge. I would not have put these colors with this stamp set EVER so it was hard to come up with something. Enjoy! (I have no idea why it is so blurry but you get the jist!

I also wanted to say "FEEL BETTER SOON SHELLY" to Shelly over at delicatedesignsbyshelly. She hurt her back in is kinda laid up right now. So head on over to her blog on the right hand side and show her some love!

P.S. If you have noticed I no longer put my specs on the cards. If you are interested in something as far as color or tools please let me know and I will gladly share the information with you.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card! She'll love it!! :) Hope everyone feel better soon and back to a quick recovery! Take care!