12 July 2008

Some Pics As Promised

Okay...I promised some pics and I will deliver! I have uploaded most of my "beginner" cards to my gallery on SCS but they are not showing up yet. So not to overload this blog post, I will only show a couple of them. As the days go by I will do blog posts one by one.
PS...I have 6 more that I am dying to post they are my FAVS...but, Im trying out for a design team and can't post them till after its over. Wish Me LUCK! This would be fantastic!

Have a GREAT weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherri....
Great work on the blog...I hope you are feeling better soon.. Vetigo is a pain, been there ..done that.Best wishes on the DT try out.
Marie H.
Whitsett, NC

Anonymous said...

Great cards. I hope you are feeling better.

I also have a new blog if you want to come and take a look.